Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Speculate On This

According to today's New York Times, William Rehnquist may be ailing even more than was already reported.

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist disclosed Monday that his thyroid cancer was being treated with both chemotherapy and radiation, and he did not return to work despite his previously announced plan to do so.

A carefully worded statement released by his office shortly before the other eight justices began hearing arguments gave no indication when, or whether, the 80-year-old chief justice might return to the bench.

That silence invited immediate speculation that he would soon retire.
Assuming that Rehnquist is actually taking time off because of illness, instead of going to Ohio to help with the suppression of black votes (just like old times! what a nostalgic idea), here's my speculation. I'm going to try to put this as diplomatically as possible: If John Kerry wins today, which I expect and hope, perhaps it's not such a bad thing that the Chief Justice retire. After all, he has had a good long life, and one in which he has accomplished his major life goal, which is apparently to cause as much damage as possible, in both gross and subtle ways, to the United States and its people. The judicial appointment of George Dubya was certainly one of the most impressive steps toward that end, and one for which Rehnquist will long be remembered, if not fondly.

So go ahead, Bill; it's okay to retire. The country is in miserable shape, misled (in every possible meaning of the word) by the man you installed. You can rest easy.

Rehnquist Fails to Return, and Speculation Increases