Thursday, September 25, 2008

See? I Told You

The panic that had gripped lefty blogs a couple of weeks ago has, mercifully, subsided. Sarah Palin's popularity among swing voters, i.e. the ones who matter, has plunged. The economy has tanked, and McCain's poll numbers have tanked with it. While McCain might pull it out, it seems unlikely.

I told you to calm down, and that McCain's convention bounce couldn't last. This time, I was right.

And now McCain has "suspended" his campaign, though what that actually amounts to in practical terms is unclear. If anyone's panicking now, it's the Republicans. And who can blame them? They had an uphill battle from the start, and they've made mistake after mistake. I'm actually a little surprised by the "suspension" decision; McCain isn't that far behind in the polls. But I suppose they'd rather go down in flames; it's more entertaining that way.


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